The Festivals

A (Not Quite Complete) Comprehensive Guide to New Age and Yoga Festivals in the United States

The new age festival scene caught fire with Burning Man. New events with a more mindful bent are cropping up all over the world.

Transformational Festivals

Transformational festivals are an amalgamation of Burning Man, TED talks, raves and yoga. New Age, in its many forms, comes together at these festivals.

Lightning in a Bottle [LINK]

Lucidity Festival [LINK] The six year old festival (as of 2016) also purchased property near Jacksonville, Oregon and is creating Lucid University.

Beloved – The Festival [LINK] An open air sacred art and music festival.

Wanderlust [LINK] As their site says, their festivals are all-out celebrations of mindful living. They have festivals around the world, always in warm climates so the need for clothing is kept to a minimum.

Yoga Festivals

We’ve done yoga for years, and it was such a normal part of life that we’d have assumed yoga festivals were just as normal. We’d’ve been wrong. Our first was in Austin, almost a decade ago. That was in the early years. It was small, spread around a few different rooms in the convention center.

Times have changed. In the past ten years, large scale yoga festivals have become a rage.

Sedona Yoga Festival [LINK] Big time yoga in Sedona, at least for a short period of time.

Asheville Yoga Festival [LINK] Asheville has a large yoga festival held during the summer. In 2017, its fourth year, the festival will be July 27-30 and spread across multiple venues in downtown, walkable, Asheville.

Hanuman [LINK] Boulder, Colorado.


Other Sites for Various Festivals

You’re not limited to transformation or yoga. There are Pagan, Wiccan,  Asutra and gobs of other festivals of various sizes around the U.S. and beyond.

Faerie Faith [LINK] Linda Kerr’s website about pagan festivals around the United States. She also hosts some festivals herself. It’s a good reference for people interested in paganism and the faerie faith.

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