North Park Yoga

High Density Yoga

Geographically speaking, North Park has a concentrated yoga scene. Within easy walking distance of University Ave and 30th Street there are three studios, plus a gym with yoga. There’s a boxing gym as well and Tai Chi not too far away. The hipster fitness requirements are well covered.


corepower (√) [LINK][Our experience] A nice studio with lockers and showers, a big benefit since many of their classes are warmed.

Nature’s Whisper. [LINK] Corepower North Park is one of over 150 corepower yoga studios. With a dozen classes per day on weekends and even more during the week, finding a class will be as easy as you want it to be.

North Park Yoga [LINK] North Park Yoga offers a more meditative approach. They’re also the only studio we saw in the area that offers nude men’s yoga. So there’s that as well.

Pilgrimage of the Heart [LINK] This studio has locations in North Park and Normal Heights. And they are holding a retreat in Idyllwild, at the Yokoji Zen Center. The more we dig, the more we find a new age connection between Encintas, North Park, and Idyllwild.

Nearby Gyms

North Park Fitness [LINK] Yes, it’s a gym, but they do offer yoga class, and it is just a couple blocks from 30th and University.

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