Spiritual Joshua Tree

Sun, Sand and Open Space

Source Board Inside Natural Sisters Cafe - Joshua Tree, California

Source Board Inside Natural Sisters Cafe

The light and the thinning air at three thousand feet exposes Joshua Tree to the higher elements. People go to escape the bustle of cities and L.A. traffic. Rather than looking to commune with nature, such as happens in more forested areas like Idyllwild, people come to commune with each other. It’s a counterintuitive mix, for homes are separated and space is revered. Yet, the retreats, whether organized or not, are more often about the oneness of people.

Joshua Tree is home to the Institute of Mentalphysics. [LINK] The institute is at the same location as the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. (note: their web-sites need some updates and they still use Flash) The retreat center is large and spread out, with a large amphitheater and scattered bungalows.

Dhamma Dena Retreat Center [LINK] A Vipassana Buddhist center located in the desert outside of Joshua Tree.

Source Board - Joshua Tree Health Foods

Source Board – Joshua Tree Health Foods

The Integratron

Sound healing, time travel, communing with the stars – the Integratron [LINK] has it. But as we learned the wanderer’s way, it’s private and reservations are required.

The Source Boards

One of the best ways to find local spiritual activities is on bulletin boards and tables at local coffee shops, vegetarian restaurants and metaphysical shops. In Joshua Tree, there are three downtown, located outside of Crossroads, inside the Natural Sisters Cafe, and outside Joshua Tree Health Foods.


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