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During my days hanging out in North Park, before and after the Wednesday Wander, I ate. And I drank — coffee and juice. Not that we’re opposed to alcohol, but I was driving. But the food was good. You can’t be a hipster town and not have good food.

Streetcar - North Park, San Diego, California

Streetcar – North Park


Yes, there’s a farmers market, which I’ll get to, but I had a learning moment in North Park. At Streetcar, a fried chicken and coffee place, I discovered nitro cold brew. (I’m VERY late to the hipster scene.) I’d had cold brew before and knew the joys of lower acid and smoother taste, but I’d never experienced the semi-bliss of sipping a cold coffee with a foamy head on it. Like a Guiness.

So I did some research. Nitro is nitrogen. And it really is infused in the way Guiness is. Esquire has a nice article on it. [LINK] The difference between a normal cold brew (old style iced coffee no longer exists my world) is that then nitro version is served in a glass without ice. And it has a kick. Cold brew strength depends on how long the coffee steeps. The longer it steeps the stronger. Like tea. And it’s not meant to be mixed with milk. I’d already weened myself of milk and honey in the coffee, so that was no problem.

Sips Appetizer Sampler - North Park, San Diego, California

Sips Appetizer Sampler – North Park

On to the food.

Farmers Market [LINK]

Thursdays from 3-7:30 PM year-round. Approximately 80 vendors at North Park Way and 30th Street, one block from the main corner at University.


The North Park area is very veg-friendly. However, what makes the lifestyle more accessible is the proximity to Hillcrest. About a mile west of downtown NP, you can find a number of vegetarian restaurants. Hillcrest is also where the nearest Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are, and another short jaunt to uptown North Park will get you to Sprouts.

Sipz Fusion Cafe [LINK] A family-owned vegetarian restaurant near 30th and University. They serve primarily a mix of Asian styles, with some juices and

Veganic Tahi Cafe (Hillcrest) [FB Link] Vegan AND Organic, like the name implies, Veganic follows the trend of creating a vegetarian restaurant out of Asian cuisine.

Loving Hut [LINK] Loving Hut is a global, and growing, chain of vegan restaurants. The Uptown North Park location is just one of almost 40 in the US, with many more worldwide.


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