Spiritual Sedona

AKA Crystal City

There are too many crystal and new age metaphysical stores in the area to discover them all. We will limit our list to our favorites. Further, to find all of the practitioners of metaphysical arts in the area could take years. We suggest you use our site as a starting point and follow it up with some research with the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association. [LINK] They have a number of listings for practitioners in a variety of modalities.

"Pleiades Star Angel" Artwork By Lightstar, Copyright.

“Pleiades Star Angel” Artwork By Lightstar, Copyright. All Rights Reserved.

Metaphysical Practitioners

Starseed Alliance International [LINK] From their site: Starseed Alliance International (SAI) is a galactic resource center for expanding and anchoring new sources of light and love.

Lightstar [LINK] Starseed Ambassador, Oracle Artisan, Spiritual Catalyst, Frequency Artist and Celestial Channel. She combines transformative readings & healing, light language activation, and visionary art to help others awaken and discover their soul gifts.

Standswithbear [LINK] Along with Lightstar, he’s a Starseed Ambassador and Celestial Channel. He’s also a Master Healer, Speaker and Musical Alchemist. He provides soulpathic readings & healing, holographic DNA restructurization, and sound resonance to activate humanity.

Energy Healing and Cultivation

Many of the shops that sell new age accoutrements also provide healing work and psychic readings. However, some centers focus more on the healing and less on the objects.

Thunder Mountain Wellness Mission [LINK] According to their site: Thunder Mountain Wellness Center is committed to providing cutting edge, authentic and ethical complimentary alternative health care to individuals and organizations.


Center for the New Age (√) [LINK] A full service metaphysical shop just south of the main tourist section. It’s one of our regular stops when we’re in the area. In an old house with lots of little rooms, they offer psychic readings, energy work, metaphysical books and music, as well as tours of the vortexes. They even UFO tours of the area.

Crystal Magic (√) [LINK] Out west on 89A with a large space, Crystal Magic focuses on the crystals, idols and scents and less on the services.

Mystical Bazaar (√) [LINK] Just into West Sedona, the Mystical Bazaar is a full service new age shop. Shamanic drumming, psychic readings and energy healings to go along with crystals, oils and jewelry.


Pro Meditate[LINK] Based in Sedona, but we didn’t find an office of site location. It appears to be about on-line and CD based services.

Festivals and Fairs

Sedona Psychic Fair. (√) [LINK] The psychic festival has traditionally been held in the Hilton in the Village of Oak Creek, Sedona’s southern neighbor.

A good resource for up to date retreats in a variety of metaphysical, spiritual and energetic practices is the visitsedona [LINK] page that we’ve listed with our Local Links. The site is a tourist site, but the calendar of events can be filtered by ‘Personal Enrichment/Metaphysical’. Our December 3rd search pulled up 18 workshops, retreated and events for December and January alone.


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