Local Links – North Park

The Local Guy: [LINK] We’ve found one particular link with North Park specific information. It was put together by a guy named Philip Erdelsky. We don’t know Philip, but we appreciate his work.

North Park Scene [LINK] It’s a not-so-regular blog with a number of listings for local businesses and the occasional update about new restaurant and local projects. And they sell NP t-shirts too, so you can show your support.

nphs-logo-293wNorth Park Main Street [LINK] A local organization with the mission “to promote development that supports arts, culture, and entertainment, while preserving the historical integrity of North Park.” Being the sharing of information, the organization works within the community on a variety of issues.

North Park Historical Society [LINK] The society provides a lot of on-line information about the history of the area. Their mission: “to help preserve North Park’s architectural and cultural history through research, education, and outreach.” 

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