Spiritual Salem

Salem, Massachusetts has a long and inglorious past. Despite efforts to snuff out its metaphysical roots, the exploration remains.

Metaphysical and Witchcraft Stores

Artemisia Botanicals [LINK] — all about the herbs, and home to the Green Witch School of Herbalism.

covens-cottage-salem-fall-displayThe Coven’s Cottage [LINKFacebook Link] Opened in 2014, the Cottage is a family owned witchcraft store focused on the Norse/Germanic tradition.

Crow Haven Corner [LINK] Advertised as the oldest Witch Shop in Salem. They offer supplies and paraphernalia as well as readings, both in store and over the phone.

Divinations, Psychic Parlor and Learning Center [LINK]

Enchanted [LINK] A witchcraft store on Pickering Wharf, offering psychic readings and workshops.

HEX: Old World Witchery [LINK] Not only do they sell ritual items and offer readings, but they have also have a working witch’s altar where you can cast your own spell.

Nu Aeon [LINK] It’s a witchcraft magick lifestyle store down by the wharf.

OMEN: Psychic Parlor & Witchcraft Emporium [LINK]

Energy and Healing

A Higher Balance [LINK] Workshops and hearings and the home of Lightarian Reiki.

Healing Creative From their site:

Healing Creative, LLC is a collaborative of independent holistic practitioners united with a common goal of providing affordable healing services to their communities.

Eternal Balance

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