Whitefish Food (and Coffee)

Organic and Vegetarian from the Great Northwest Surprisingly, to us at first, was the number of organic and health food grocery stores in the area. No, there is no Good Food Store like in Missoula, nor is there an Amazon/Whole Foods within an 8 hour drive. But, there is a Natural Grocers nearby and there are a number of smaller, local grocery stores within a […]

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Whitefish, Montana

Outdoors, Indoors, and New Age Few expect Montana to be a bastion of the New Age, and we didn’t either. Surprisingly, there’s plenty to go around in the beautiful state. Whether it’s Missoula or Bozeman or Whitefish, you can find your share of yoga and meditation and crystals. And because of the amount of winter activity, health food is a normal part of the local […]

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