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New Age Towns is dedicated to helping fellow new age explorers in their search for an environment that best matches their lifestyle, beliefs and practices. Whether you’re just exploring, looking for cool festival or want to put down roots and open an energy healing practice, we’re working to help.

Dawn - Familiars by Trine Bietz

Dawn – Trine Bietz

Our goal is to be much more than a compilation of statistics or a database driven directory. We strive to experience for ourselves as many of the towns and practices as we can. For starters, we’re on the ground as much as possible, eating, juicing, meditating and yoga-ing in the venues we discuss. But we can’t be everywhere and know everything, no matter how deep we get into the akashic records.

So please help. Share any new age information that may be relevant. Or help us improve the site by correcting out of date posts or typos or a bad addresses for a yoga studio. We want to be as accurate as possible. If you’d like to help, head over to the contact page and share with us.

New Age, Hippy, Metaphysical of What?

Yes. New Age can be a nebulous term. We explain our interpretation in more detail in our What Is New Age? page, but to be succinct, we are flexible. Some of the places we’ve investigated lean hippy, while others are more hipster. Still others are all about spirituality and energy. We don’t often know until we dig. Our job is to do that digging, share what we find and let fellow explorers determine how best to use the information.

What we are including now are yoga, metaphysical and energetic pursuits, and healthy, primarily organic and vegetarian, food options. Don’t be surprised, however, to find an article specific to Zen or a blog entry describing a holotropic breathing practice.

City vs Town

We don’t limit our use of Town to any dictionary definition. However, cities such as New York and even Austin, Texas or San Diego, California have so much alternative spirituality spread throughout their confines that a reasonable analysis would be neither practical nor helpful. For that reason we’re including neighborhoods in our analysis and will make a judgment call whether a city such as Boulder warrants subdivision.

Beyond the Town

We also don’t limit ourselves to physical exploration. If it fits our broad definition of ‘new age’, we investigate and study, and we write about it. In this section you can find articles on mindfulness, yoga and metaphysics as well as some personal blogs from some of our contributors. We won’t agree with every opinion of every contributor, but we are explorers first and welcome varied perspectives.

Because that is what we are about: exploring the physical world and the non-physical.

Explore with us.


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