Sedona Yoga

Stretch, Hold and Hike

There is not as much traditional yoga in Sedona as one might think. The focus of the town is on the metaphysical pursuits and energy vortexes. Combining yoga with hiking to the vortexes is a big thing, as are retreats and teacher training. From our perspective, locals are not nearly as into yoga as the beachgoers in Encinitas are. However, there are some nice studios and, as one would expect from a town full of Energy, Kundalini is growing in the area.

Alan Alcid Yogi’s Vo Vera & LaMonte Goode Inverted in the Vortex

Alan Alcid Yogi’s Vo Vera & LaMonte Goode Inverted in the Vortex

The Festival

Sedona Yoga Festival [LINK] Held in the spring, the SYF is not just a yoga festival but is a Consciousness Evolution Conference.

Yoga Retreat Centers

Aumbase[LINK] Aumbase does not hold regular classes but has a large studio for rent for retreats or trainings.

Yoga Studios

7 Centers Yoga - Large Sala

7 Centers Yoga – Large Sala

7 Centers Yoga Arts (√) [LINK] A nice facility with a yurt and a large yoga room and good teachers. They offer a variety of intensives and teacher trainings, including a 200 hr Kundalini teacher training course.

Awakenings Yoga Studio and Wellness Programs [LINK] Regular yoga classes as well as periodic spiritual retreats, including training for Radiant Heart Healing.

Sedona Hot Yoga [LINK] With a studio in Sedona and another twenty miles down the road in Cottonwood, find a hot class of yoga will not be a problem.

Dahn Yoga – Sedona Meditation Center [LINK]
While we have practiced chi guns (in all of its spellings) and done a variety of energy mediations, we have not directly experienced Dahn Yoga. What we know is that it is not your typical hatha yoga. It focuses more on energy movement, and they have a few examples on their site. The Sedona center is located in walking distance of the tourist center. Classes offered at the meditation center include Qi Gong, meridian yoga and detox yoga.

Yoga and Hiking

One of the big draws to Sedona for the New Age crowd is the convergence of vortexes in the area. There are six officially, and many web sites have information on them. Tours are offered as well. Or you can hike and do some yoga.

Vortex Hiking in Sedona [LINK] Another appropriate name, Yogi Blair offers hiking tours of the energetic vortexes with multiple accompaniments, including meditation, yoga and qi gong.

Surya Sedona Yoga and Hiking [LINK]

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