Spiritual Palm Springs

A Lean Towards Metaphysics

The spiritual pursuits in Palm Springs kicked in around 2005. No specific event marks the period, except that prior to that there were only isolated yoga studios and the longstanding Crystal Fantasy store. Since then, yoga studios, psychics, Buddhism and other related pursuits have become mainstream.

Psychic on Palm Canyon - Palm Springs, California

Psychic on Palm Canyon

Drum Circles

If you’ve never been to a drum circle, we highly recommend it. It doesn’t matter if you have rhythm, can dance or have any sense of the spiritual energy generated. There’s something wonderful about banging on something to make music. It’s like moving meditation, when all you hear is the beat. No lyrics. You let go and move. Or sit.

The largest and most consistent circle we know is the Sunday circle on the beach in Venice. Thanks to Scott Meredith, Palm Springs has a couple of consistent ones as well.

Crystal Fantasy Enlightenment Center The last Friday of every month.

Crystal Fantasy

Crystal Fantasy – Palm Springs

Ace Hotel [LINK] The home of Concentric Yoga is also the home of the Full Moon drum circle. It’s been known to have upwards of 70 instruments banging and blowing together. The Ace Hotel also offers yoga to its guests on Saturdays and Sundays.

Source Boards

As usual, we’re supporters of those with source boards. During our stay we found two, but we’re sure there are more. We didn’t hit every yoga studio during open hours.

Urban Yoga has a healthy one.
Crystal Fantasy has a small one in the back with information from people from around the area.

Jewel In The Lotus

Jewel In The Lotus


Tantra varies, and we at New Age Towns are not experts, but it is always about bringing spiritual energy through the body. That’s new age. We found a couple practitioners in Palm Springs.

Dr. Lexi Fisher (D.C. ) Dr. Fisher has been practicing tantra in the Palm Springs area since 1995. She is certified with the SkyDancing School of Tantra and a licensed Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga (tantra) (√) teacher.

She offers classes, weekend workshops, longer residential retreats and private sessions guiding you to experience the transformational power of your sexual energy.

Tantric Yoga for Men [LINK] Branching out a little, to nearby Rancho Mirage, is the studio founded by Jaime Carlo-Casellas, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Yogi Kabir). They offer coed mindfulness yoga, Vipassana meditation, and yes, naked yoga for men only.


Dharmachakra Buddhist Meditation Center. [LINK] Most of the energy of Palm Springs revolves around downtown. However, there is more. A few miles away on Crossley Road is the Dharmachakra center.

Crystal Fantasy Back Room - Palm Springs

Crystal Fantasy Back Room – Palm Springs


Crystal Fantasy Enlightenment Center [LINK]

Crystal Fantasy has been in business for over thirty years. They sell a variety of crystals and books and in the middle of there store there are tables for readings. What sets them apart from your typical new age store isn’t just the room in the back for meetings and teachings, but the drum circles. Few places we’ve encountered embrace the joy of drum circles to the extent that Crystal Fantasy has.

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