New Mexico has Roswell, Area 51, and Taos. Legends of alien landing and artifacts and secrets abound in New Mexico. While Taos isn”t Roswell, the concept of a connection to our solar system thrives in Taos.

Taos has two distinct towns. One is the ski resort. The other is the town. Town has a quaint square and old Indian inspired architecture. It’s the outskirts of Taos that many have heard of.

Known as Earthships, Taos is where radically sustainable homes took root, grew and inspired many modern concepts. The idea of the buildings is to minimize the impact on the environment, through material usage and energy consumption as well as earth use. Earthships are usually partially underground. They aren’t necessarily cave homes, as are popular in Spain, but they do have a following.

Travel and Leisure has a nice five minute video on eco-tourism centered around Taos. [LINK] Taos.org has a long list of third party articles and videos about Taos on their site.

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