New Age & Metaphysical Stores

The Stores

The U.S. has pockets of new age, metaphysical and witchcraft stores all over. In our travels, we’ve happened upon a few and have listed some of those we like the best. We have not duplicated all of the listings in our town pages, so if you’re looking in a specific area, check our town list.


Vision Quest Metaphysical Bookstore – Phoenix [Link]

The store focuses on the psychic readings. They have a large supply of the typical crystals and books, but the focus in on the psychics. While we like it, Vision Quest is not as conducive to hanging out and browsing due to the proximity of the readings.


Lady of the Lake, Idyllwild, CA.

This is our favorite. Much of the reason is because of its location. It’s in a small town in Southern California, and it’s a required stop every time we go, whether we need anything or not. At the time of this post, they offered readings on the weekends.


The Witchery — Galveston [Link]

A purveyor of fine esoteric goods, The Witchery is another store we really like. It’s in downtown Galveston, and despite its witchcraft focus, the store has a genial feel. It was a pleasant surprise and we’re glad it’s still going strong.


The Phoenix and Dragon — Atlanta [Link]

This one was recommended as a hub of spiritual activity in the area. They have crystals, psychics, energy healers and a wide variety of metaphysical products.

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