General Links

We’ve compiled, and are continuing to compile, a reference of other sources of information that may be helpful for the new age explorer.

Festival Information

Festival Fire [LINK] A site devoted to new age, transformational festivals, including a calendar.

Directories and Resources

Happy Cow[LINK] A guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants worldwide.

Body Mind Spirit Directory — a text based directory with listings submitted by the practitioners. [LINK]

Lightworkers Today [LINK] A directory to connect holistic patients with energy workers. Their definition of lightworker: A Lightworker is anyone who is awakened to the energy of the universe, aware of why they are here and dedicated to using their abilities to help guide others looking to connect to this energy as well.

Yoga Trails [LINK] An on-line website similar to Happy Cow, except for yoga. It’s database driven with searches based on town or style or a number of different criteria. It’s a good reference, with some free services for members and monthly payment plans for people who pay who want varying degrees of promotion.

Yoga Finder [LINK] A worldwide directory of yoga classes, retreats and more with a bit of a California focus.

General City Information [LINK] A nice reference web-site with statistics, pictures and some high-level (non touristy) information for just about any city in the U.S.. Plus, the forums are still reasonably active and moderated.


We would be remiss to close our minds to alternate theories and skeptics, particularly those whose options are well written and interesting.

Skeptoid [LINK] Brian Dunning of The Skeptoid has a few articles (printed podcasts) about new age energy and alternative medicine. The link is to his article about the Sedona Vortexes. This one is to his article about new age energy. [LINK]

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