Our (my) Story

A while ago I began to search for a town with not just a good yoga scene, but with a new age, energetic slant. I knew of a few, Sedona being the granddaddy, but I couldn’t really find much information on-line. My search revealed a message board or two, a few click-bait rankings for hippy cities and hipster cities as well yoga towns, but almost nothing that talked about the the energetic practices. The basic question, Where can I find a big new age community? was apparently not easy to answer.

So I went driving.

I am now a vagabond. Perhaps I will never settle down. Perhaps I’ll find the perfect spot for me and take root. In the meantime, with the help of some friends and fellow explorers, I am going to share some findings so that others on the same journey, or looking for a good vacation spot, have a reference. The search started in the Southwest, particularly Arizona and Southern California. And, rather than tackle Sedona, I started small, very small, with Idyllwild, CA. From there, I branched out and drove to the beach and tackled Encinitas. And from there it goes. Always exploring.

The Background

I started my new age journey with Taoist martial arts and energy work years ago. I followed that with a yoga practice and periodic meditation.

My work life was corporate. It was in 2011 that I left that world and went to Thailand to get my teacher training certification. I spent three months on a jungle island studying a variety of types of yoga. On my return visit I got my Reiki certification and followed that with additional reiki training in Japan.

I have also studied hypnotherapy and cranial sacral therapy, karate, tantra and a few styles of meditation.


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