Spiritual Taos

Close to the Stars

The air at 7000 feet is vasty different from the air sea level. It’s crisp, dry and light. The force of gravity is less and you are lighter. And there is less atmosphere between you and the stars. This elevation and the openness fosters spirituality and energy work. People drive through and stay because of it.

Reiki, which has now reached the tipping point of ubiquity in much the way yoga has, is readily accessible in Taos.

Reiki Taos: [LINK] As with many things, New York was a hotbed of Reiki in its early U.S. days. From there it spread through the East Coast. Master/Teacher Kimberly Flesiher bought hers from Philadelphia and now offers Reiki classes and treatments in Taos.

Jennifer Ammannn [LINK] Reiki practitioner and yoga teacher with class offering private classes, workshops and a little poetry.

University of New Mexico, Taos. UNM Taos Holistic Energy & Healing Arts offers a variety of courses: [LINK] The New Mexico government sponsors courses in a variety of healing arts.

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