Taos Art

Sante Fe is the center of the art scene in New Mexico, and many consider the primary destination in the West for buying a variety of high quality art.

Taos, on the other hand, still has the vibe of an artist colony.

As claimed by the Taos Art Museum, It is presently estimated that there are more artists, per capita, in the Taos area then in any other city in the world, including Paris, France. [LINK]

Taos Art Association
In the 1950s a group of Taos artists decided to form the Taos Art Association (TAA). They purchase the Manby estate and turned the mansion into art galleries and in the gardens an outdoor community theater. In 2000 Taos Art Association (TAA) became the Taos Center for the Arts (TCA). It is the oldest non-profit arts organization in the state of New Mexico.[30] We haven’t done the count in Idyllwild, so we’ll go along.

Taos Artist Organization [LINK]
Taos Artist Organization is a group of 140+ artists living in Taos and working in a variety of creative media.[31]

Taos Gallery Association [LINK]
Taos has over 80 privately owned art galleries.[32]

Taos Painters [LINK]

Taos Pueblo artists

Taos Society of Artists

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