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Yoga Tropics West - Encinitas

Yoga Tropics West – Encinitas

That’s unofficial, of course. But Encinitas offers more yoga studios and style options than even the most devout yogi could experience in a lifetime. Without exaggeration, however, Encinitas is acknowledged as the American birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga. Further, Yoganandya built his fellowship on a bluff in town and the fellowship has promoted kriya yoga and related teachings since the 1920’s.

Ashtanga in Encinitas

The Ashtanga style of yoga was started by Pattabhi Jois, a teacher of yoga at the Sanskrit College of Maharaja from the late ninteen-thirties to the early nineteen-seventies. It was in 1975 that Jois and his son Manju came to Encinitas, where they stayed and taught yoga for four months. This marked the beginning of Ashtanga in the U.S. The shala in Encinitas was started by Brad Ramsey and Gary Lopedota and is now run by Tim Miller, who took over in 1981. The shala has changed locations multiple times since then and is now located just outside of the Encinitas city limits in Carlsbad. (see below.) The Ashtanga style is characterized by it’s lack of organized classes. Instead, students meet and practice the set forms individually, with a teacher making the rounds with corrections and support where needed.

The List

While Ashtanga had an early presence in the area, it is far from the only yoga. Our list below is not all inclusive.

Anahata Yoga [LINK] This is a style developed by Ana Costa, who also happens to teach and hold workshops in Idyllwild.

Bergamot Coy Pond - Encinitas

Bergamot Coy Pond

Ashtanga Yoga Center [LINK] Technically located in Carlsbad but so close to Leucadia Blvd that we had to include it. They offer a retreat in Mount Shasta, which center owner Tim Miller calls one of the most spiritually powerful places on Earth.

Yoga at Bergamot [LINK] A donation based (yep, really, and yoga in SoCal can get pricey) studio offering 30+ classes per week. The studio is attached to the Bergamot spa. It’s got a relaxed vibe, a variety of yoga teachers and styles and a coy pond.

Bliss Yoga [LINK] – A small studio in Leucadia run by the namesake and teacher Lorraine Bliss.

CorePower – Encinitas [LINK] The Encinitas location of the national yoga chain.

Evolve Yoga and Movement [LINK] — A downtown Encinitas studio located near Whole Foods. They offer classes all day with a number of different instructors.

Bliss Yoga Studio - Encinitas

Bliss Yoga Studio

Soul of Yoga [LINK] The Soul offers classes throughout the day and has a large focus on teacher training courses. It’s one of the few places we’ve found that offers Kundalini yoga teacher training.

Vinyasa Arts [LINK] (Cardiff) The name describes the offerings. Vinyasa Arts focuses almost exclusively on Vinyasa yoga.

White Peacock Yoga [LINK] The name alone requires a visit.

Yoga Tropics [LINK] A hot yoga studio off of PCH, with a second (West) studio on 2nd street. Studio rentals are offered at the West location.


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