Our Book Collection

Mental Exploration

We are readers, and among the hundreds of new age, philosophical and self-help books we’ve read over the years, three are a few that have stuck with us. We’d like to recommend them.

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The Kybalion:

I don’t know exactly why this book has stuck with me, or why I bought it twice in Idyllwild (our pages), but there is something to it that resonates with me. I miss it when it’s not around. And I’m not a follower of the hermetic practices. In fact, all I really know of them is what I’ve read in the Kybalion. I’ll admit it’s not for everyone, but to me it’s worth a read.

Kundalini Tantra 

It’s all about the energy and movement of the energy through the body. Very little, if any, sexual references. No position pictures or descriptions of orgasm. It’s a combination of text book, self-help and how to. Just about everyone at NAT is drawn to the practices, and we highly recommend these for bringing energy through the nadis.