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As a mountain town without a ski resort Idyllwild has created its own identity. First, it’s an escape from the bustle and heat of Los Angeles and San Diego. This is one of the reasons the restaurants are consistently good. A big reason, however, is the art and music scene.

Taryn Scanlong

Taryn Scanlon

Local Art Organizations

Art Alliance of Idyllwild. [LINK] The Alliance is a relatively large and active group for such a small town. Their purpose is to support the artists and the artistic culture in the area. They have a large member directory, most of whom are artists. So it’s a good place to start.

Local Artists

As of November, 2016, the The Art Alliance (AAI) directory included 197 artists. Regardless of whether each lives and works locally, for a town of 4000, that’s a strong representation. We are also certain that not all local artists are members and many are less about promotion than they are about the creation.  So we’ve picked a couple and decided to list them, whether they like it or not.

Taryn Scanlon [LINK] A fairly recent transplant, Taryn’s art has a distinctly northeastern feel infused with a good bit of social commentary.

Trine Bietz [LINK] Trine’s art explores metamorphosis in all things. Perhaps, it’s because of her shamanic practices. Perhaps. Or maybe it’s all one.

Idyllwild Galleries

Hand in hand with the artists is the network of local galleries. The Art Alliance and [LINK] both have lists. The AAI directory only includes 9, but this misrepresents the total. The list is longer. We’ve pulled the names from them as a reference, but check our sources for more information. Further, many cafes, coffee shops and stores display art from local artists.

The Tree of Life - Trine Bietz

The Tree of Life – Trine Bietz

  • Artspresso Art Gallery
  • Baker Galleries
  • Café Aroma Gallery
  • Circa Now
  • Courtyard Gallery
  • The Earth ‘N Fire Gallery
  • Everitt’s Minerals & Gallery
  • Feats of Clay
  • Four Corners Gallery
  • From Around Here
  • Idyllwild Gallery of Fine Art
  • Lily Rock Gallery
  • Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery [LINK]
  • Parks Exhibition Center
  • Pop Art Portraits Gallery
  • Skye Gallery
  • Two Babes in the Woods Fine Art and Antiques
  • Whitt/Krauss Objects of Fine Art
Art and Organic Meadow Greens Idyllwild

Art & Organic Mix at Meadow Greens Cafe


Like any good art community, one goal is to get the art in front of the people. Idyllwild is no different, and was an early adopter of the Wine Walk. Idyllwild’s, of course, combines art.

Idyllwild Art Walk and Wine Tasting Held in the fall, the walk is a fundraising event for the Art Alliance. In 2016 there were 18 wineries represented and over 1000 registered wine drinkers. Wine tickets stop at 1200, but more people roam the streets and take in the art. It’s a popular event. More information is available on the AAI site.

Jazz in the Pines (Event) [LINK] Idyllwild Jazz in the Pines takes place amid the towering native pine and oak forest on the Idyllwild Arts campus. World renowned jazz and blues artists (really) perform on multiple stages throughout the weekend.

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