Encinitas Food and Juice

The Juice Bar Mecca

In our subjective opinion, Encinitas has more organic food and juiceries per capita than any other town in the United States. Santa Monica may argue, and their prevalence of vegetarian Indian food might help, but we’re sticking with The Big E.

Encinitas Beach

Encinitas Surf (the obligatory shot)

Farmers Market - Downtown Encinitas - Wednesday December

Farmers Market – Downtown Encinitas

Farmers Markets

Of course, it all starts outside, in the salt air. Pick your market for local produce, prepared food, and of course, juices.

The Leucadia Market [LINK].

Sundays, 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. in Leucadia across the tracks off of Vulcan in the parking lot of the elementary school. This is the big one.

The Downtown Market [LINKFB link]

Edible Alchemy - Probiotic Sauerkraut & Kombucha - Wednesday Market - Encinitas

Edible Alchemy @ the Wednesday Market

Coconut Artisan Products - San Diego - Wednesday Market

Coconut Artisan Products – Wednesday Market

Wednesdays, 4 – 8 PM summer, 4-7 winter. The smaller of the two markets is off Vulcan as well, but just a short walk across the tracks from downtown. Sample tasty, organic food, local produce and some awesome coconut milk based lava cake straight from San Diego. If you would like your organic food at your door, stop by Farm Fresh to You, set up your menu and head home. Since we’re travelers, we ate at the market. Our December sampler meal consisted of a tangerine, an organic Tuscan Wrap, a blueberry scone and a GreenFix organic smoothie.


GoodOnYa - Encinitas

GoodOnYa – Encinitas

There are so many healthy/organic restaurants in Encinitas that we can’t list them all. Even those that aren’t specifically healthy have lots of options for the health minded.

GoodOnYa (organic) [LINK]
GoodOnYa is an organic coffee shop/deli serving breakfast and lunch. Their breakfast burrito with a few sprinkles of O-Brien’s organic hot sauce quickly became our morning go-to. The food’s good. The crowd’s good, and the place is new and clean. They had kombucha on tap and, of course, nitro cold brew. Due to demand, they also opened a back patio for outdoor seating.

Swami’s [LINK] A north county standard, with restaurants in Carlsbad as well as North Park.

EVE Encinitas [vegan] (√) [LINK] EVE has a nice space in downtown Encinitas. Inside and on the sidewalk are butcher block tables. Ivy hangs from the ceiling. They offer fresh juices, cold pressed in batches, and a mix of raw and vegan dishes, plus organic Kombucha on tap. In the back is a large yoga room available for a variety of spiritual events.

Peace Pies [Leucadia] [organic] This is an organic pizza place nestled behind Mozy’s cafe. Peace Pies specialize in raw, vegan food and juices. The juices, however, are squeezed in Ocean Beach

Farm Fresh To You

Farm Fresh To You @ The Downtown FM

and shipped up, so it misses our juicer category. But the raw raspberry chocolate truffle, even at four bucks, was good.

Haggo’s Organic Taco [Leucadia] (organic – big surprise) [LINK]


There’s a Whole Foods in downtown and a Sprouts inland. For those who don’t know, Sprouts is a smaller version, with a lot of supplements and some pre-made foods, but not to the extent of Whole Foods, particularly the newer ones.

Lazy Acres [LINK] – As of October, 2016, Lazy Acres is high on the ‘new and cool’ scale. It was packed. And in case you have your fill of organic, you can head across the Five to In-n-Out for good and fresh.

Seaside Market (√) [LINK] (Cardiff) Seaside has a good selection of organic and locally sourced food and produce.

Haggo's Tacos

Hague’s – One Fish, One Chicken

Sprouts Farmers Market

[LINK] (√) There’s something about Sprouts that we like. It’s a health food store with a wide selection of supplements, some pre-made foods and a lot of organic options. What’s nice is the open feel inside. Two locations in the area, one in Solana Beach and one in Encinitas.

Juiceries (aka Juice Bars)

If we didn’t know better, we’d guess there was some edict in town that every fourth restaurant must serve some sort of fresh spinach juice. The town’s close neighbor Solana Beach is also full of juiceries.

However, not all juiceries are equal. A token shot of wheat grass is nice, but it’s far from a celery based kale and ginger concoction. We’ve split the juiceries into three categories: organic, fresh squeezed/pressed to order, and pre-squeezed. There is overlap, and we don’t consider a grocery store that sells Suja juices, although we like them, to be a juicery. The juice must be squeezed on-site to qualify.

Choice Juicery [LINK] (Solana Beach and Carlsbad) – It’s a vegan juice and food bar offering cold pressed juices plus smoothies, salads, and veggie sushi.

EVE Encinitas (√) See above — cold pressed juices done on site, in batches.


Eve Encinitas

Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar. (√) [Encinitas] [LINK] As told to me, they have an industrial strength juicer. So they’re fresh. As a restaurant, it’s a comfortable place with booths and tables in side and a lot of outdoor seating.

Jamba Juice (√) [LINK] It had been years since we’d stopped at a Jamba Juice, because we don’t consider smoothie shops to be new age. On a hunch, I made a quick stop and discovered that Jamba Juice does in fact have a vegetable juicer. I was told that juicers are actually nationwide, so it appears to be yet another option.

Juicers [Solana Beach] (√) Smoothies, fresh juices and it’s the place I got my first Acai bowl. Attached to Java Depot, it’s easy to have your juice and coffee too.

Fountain of Youth Juice[LINK] – An inland juicery with ‘organic vegetable juices and delicious smoothies’.

Fully Loaded Micro Juicery [Leucadia] (√)[LINK] A juicery that used to be attached to a coffee shop, but the coffee closed. It’s down to the juice. This organic juicery squeezes its juices in the morning and sells them throughout the day. Pick them up at the shop or at the Sunday Farmers Market.

Nekter Juice Bar [Encinitas] (√) [LINK] (√) Away from the beach, Nekter is not just a juice bar, it’s a cleanse bar. And one of many Nekter’s in the area. I was lucky enough to stop by on their sixth anniversary and enjoyed $3 Tropical Cooler.

And if you want a 2015 list of San Diego juice bars, including Encinitas and Solana Beach, here’s the [LINK]


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